Past Scholarship Winners

2001 Nathan Frechen
Rochester Institute of Technology

Nathan Frechen graduated from the College of Engineering at R.I.T in 2006. During his college career, he completed several cooperative job experiences, traveled to France and gained exposure to international business. He now works as an engineer at Oregon Saw Chain in Portland, Oregon.


2002 Kimberly Moore
Syracuse University

Kimberly Moore graduated from Syracuse University in 2005 where she majored in finance and market management. While at Syracuse, she completed an internship in London, England. She is presently working for for AstraZeneca in Gaithersburg, Maryland. In 2012, Kim received her MBA from Johns Hopkins University


2003 Ashley Gaffey
Texas A&M University

Ashley Gaffey graduated from the college of Agriculture and Animal Sciences at Texas A&M University in 2007, where she was a member of The National Society of Collegiate Scholars. She also completed graduate studies in Veterinary Medicine at Texas A&M.



2004 Melanie DeWitt
Georgia Institute of Technology

Melanie DeWitt studied Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Georgia Tech.




2005 Paula Freitag
University of Notre Dame

Paula Freitag graduated from the University of Notre Dame where she studied Finance and Accounting. She now works for Johnson & Johnson in New Jersey.




2007 Ellen Reavey
Boston University

Ellen Reavey graduated magna cum laude from Boston University where she majored in biomedical engineering. While at Boston University, she spent a semester in Dresden, Germany. After training with Teach For America, Ellen taught physics in the Boston school system and received her M.Ed at Boston University.




2008 Angela Petriello
New York University

Angela Petriello received her Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and Spanish from New York University in 2012. After a year spent with AmeriCorps, she in now the Volunteer Coordinator for Care For The Homeless in New York City.




2009 Aaron Soden
Pennsylvania State University

Aaron Soden received his B.A. in Labor Studies and Employment Relations from Penn State. After graduation, he joined Textron Corporation where he is a member of its Human Resources Leadership Program.




2010 Thomas J. Kelly
Binghamton University

T.J. Kelly graduated from Binghamton University in 2014 where he studied biology. He went on to graduate from pharmacy school.





2010 Kyla Kemmerer
Pratt Institute of Art

Kyla Kemmerer received her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art and Illustration from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York in 2014. Kyla lives in Pittsburgh where she works as a graphic designer for NICHE, a website that ranks K-12 schools, colleges and places.



2011 Nicolas Marco
Carnegie Mellon University

Nick Marco graduated in engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and now works for Linde Corporation in New Jersey.



2012 Stephanie Skurski
University of Scranton

Stephanie Skurski has completed her obligatory fifth year of clinical practice at the University of Scranton where she majored in occupational therapy.



2013 Melissa Kukowski
University of Pittsburgh

Melissa was awarded her B.S. in neuroscience and psychology at Pitt and then received a Fulbright award to teach in South Korea.



2013 Raymond Polak
Pennsylvannia State University

Ray has received his B.S. in mathematics at Penn State and is now pursuing PhD studies in mathematics at Purdue University.



2014 Emily Staros
Cornell University

Emily Staros graduated from Cornell University in chemistry. She will spend a year as a teaching assistant in Lille, France, following which she intends to pursue M.Ed. studies.



2015 Ivy Christensen
Syracuse University

Ivy Christensen received her BS in mechanical engineering at Syracuse. She was awarded a Brooke Owens Fellowship in 2019 which will allow her to enter the aeronautical engineering field beginning with an internship program on the DreamChaser space shuttle team while working at the Sierra Nevada Corporation in Boulder, Colorado.



2016 Alyssa Hubal
Loyola University Maryland

Alyssa Hubal studies biology and pre-medicine at Loyola



2016 Rachel Serfilippi
Paul Smith's College

Rachel Serfilippi majors in ecological restoration at Paul Smith's College



2017 Evan Haley
Temple University

Evan Haley studies mathematics and neuroscience in the Honors Program at Temple



2018 Kaylin Trynoski
Binghamton University

Kaylin Trynoski is enrolled at Binghamton University where she majors in Economics